Sunday, April 27, 2008

My First Blog Post!

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog of many to come. I just thought since i don't have the time to keep updating a website for my local fans and people that like to keep track on how I'm doing I used Sarah Whitmore's idea and thought i would start my own blog! Let just start out with the basics, I just recently turned 20, and racing motocross professionally is my passion. I just turned pro over thanksgiving last year, and my career is just blossoming! I'm not all that well known, but I'm trying to make a name for myself in the industry! I've been working with a trainer for about a year now, and things are starting to turn around. In January i had re-constructive knee surgery for the second time so that kind of set me back a few months, and its taking me a bit to get back up to speed and keep moving forward, but it all comes with time on the bike and the amount of effort you put in! I'm very dedicated to this sport, i eat, sleep and breath motocross! This is how i want to spend my life! So Keep checking back I'll keep this updated daily!