Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going Down South

Hello Everyone-

Today is my last day in Michigan, and I'm very excited :) I'll be living in Georgia for a month at a practice facility to ride everyday, and train. I'm very happy that i have this opportunity to go down there and ride. My parents dropped me off last night at my friend Jerry's house and my mom was very emotional, she started crying and then i did. my sister was trying not to, but i knew she was. It's very hard to leave my family, because they travel with me to all these tracks and now I'm taking an adventure by myself and stepping out into the world. I'm definitely ready for the challenge and I'm excited to head down to Texas a totally different rider, and when the gate drops come out swinging. I'll be updating this all everyday so keep checking back :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Well Hello Everyone!

It's definitely been awhile since I've been able to update this thing. so I'm very sorry if you've been checking and I haven't wrote anything since May. So I'll give you a wrap up of my summer and all the great places I've traveled with my family. I've finally made the jump up to the pro rank. In August i made my last amature appearance in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee at Loretta Lynn's my expectations were alot higher then my finishes lets just put it that way. so i really didn't end the amature career with a bang but it sure was a memorable one that's for sure! A few weeks later my dad and i loaded up the van and headed out east to Massachusetts for my first pro women's race ever. Southwick, MA it had been the first women's race at this track and it was my type of track deep rough sand so i made high expectations for myself. First moto i had a great hole shot and was running in about 6Th and on the last couple of laps i stalled my bike in this corner so that bumped me back to about 15Th which wasn't bad but just enough to make me mad ha ha. so the second moto rolled around the next morning and had an okay start i fell in the first corner and then i came all the way back from last to about 10Th and i fell really really hard going up hill. so that pretty much put a stop to that good finish again. but at the end of the weekend i made my first pro debut with no broken bones or parts on my bike and ended up 19Th overall which wasn't bad. just not what i was hoping for.

So on Sunday we loaded up the van, and started traveling with Sarah Whitmore and her dad Terry, and as well Ashely Fiolek and her family to Pennsylvania where we would get to ride Jeff Cernic's track Pleasure Valley just the three of us for a private session which was awesome. We spent three days just hanging out doing some riding. We then loaded up all of our stuff again and headed to Delmont, Pennsylvania where we would race the last round of the WMA series at Steel City which would turn out as a repeat of the previous weekend, sad a disappointing ha ha. but a great learning experience for myself and my dad. Doing those last three national races were amazing I'm so thankful that my parents spent the time and money for me to go try my hand at these races. I'm looking forward to a great next season! I just wanted to give a shout out to all my sponsors for helping me out through the way, and most of all my family because without them i would definitely wouldn't be doing this. and also i wanted to say thanks to my sister Richelle for taking the time to help with getting resumes ready for the upcoming season i really appreciate it !!

Well until next time keep checkin back i'll be doing alot more updating now things have kind of slowed down!!