Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Every Bit Helps

Hello Everyone-
It's been along time since i've made a post on here. I just wanted to keep everyone posted on how things are going with my off season. I've been riding indoors down in Fenton a couple of days a week. I'm just trying to finish up getting all my local sponsors taken care of with pictures and try to pick up any new sponsors i can get. This year is going to be tough lots of traveling and spending lots of money. I'm setting up a donation account through pay pal so if anyone wants to donate to a cause please feel free. every little bit counts. I'm just looking for anything to help pay for my gas to get to the races this season.

Thank you to everyone that is willing to donate to my racing cause.

Danielle #73

Here is the link to my paypal donataion account.


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