Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Ready To The Upcoming Season!

Hi Everyone-

I'm trying to keep up on how often i make posts on here. But I've been busy getting ready and training. I've been driving down to Fenton and riding indoors. I've been training at the gym trying to gain as much strength as possible. I've gotten a personal trainer and she lives down in Fowlerville and we keep in touch over the phone and email, she sets me up with workouts and my own personal program. I can't wait to ride outdoors I've been riding indoors and things can get quite boring. but it definitely does help to ride and seat time on the bike.

Last week i made an appearance on Eagle 101.5 radio station to tell them my whole racing story and how things got started.and to give my sponsors some props and just publicity, also the Herald Times newspaper will be doing an article on me in the sports section coming up pretty soon, so I've been pretty busy taking care of my PR work. So I'd like to thank all my local sponsors and Mike Reling from Eagle 101.5, Jeremy Speer at The Herald Times, and My Family for all the support.


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