Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Breaking it Down.

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm going all fitness on this blog. I spend alot of time at the gym doing cardio, lifting weights, etc. I really do enjoy it takes a load off and I can just put my music in and just get to work! Alot of people say well you know your just sitting there on the bike why the heck do you need to work out! Well in my response is when its a 100 + degrees outside lets see how long you can last. I work out to better than the next person. Working me out helps me get the job done pain free! Being well fit helps me ride longer and helps performance while I'm riding. I can be in the attack position the whole moto, and most of the time at these big nationals they make you go 20 mins plus 2 laps so really your out there about 25-26 mins. So being in shape definitely helps with that! My parents never have to force me to go to the gym its always because i want to! I recently purchased an stationary exercise bike for when I'm at the races and I'm bored i just put my ipod in and just start biking ha ha! At Loretta Lynn's regional last year i tried biking before i rode and it helped tremendously. when i got to the line i was all pumped got my blood flowing at little bit and was ready to come out swinging ha ha! so I'm going to leave on a good note and say that being in shape definitely helps with riding my bike! Until next time have a good one!


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MX SIS said...

So lil sis... Just wondering when you were gonna give these peps an update on your travels this summer??