Friday, May 2, 2008

My Family & Support!

Today's post I'm giving a big thanks to my family, friends, and my industry sponsors! I've been riding for about 15 years now, and I can remember racing in Traverse City, Michigan when I was 6 and having a ball. Gaylord's local newspaper " The Herald Times" have done a few articles over the years about my progress in the sport and here in town, I have alot of people that like to know how things are going and where I raced the previous weekend. It's like I'm a local celebrity ha ha. That is the reason I started this blog was for everyone to get updated on where I've been, and what's going on with my career. My family are my biggest supporters of my racing. When I turned 16 my dad made a deal with me, he asked if " I wanted a car or a new bike" and being the racer that I am i choose the bike hands down ha ha. I even put the deposit on the bike that's how bad i wanted it! Ever since then my racing has gotten better and better each year. Now having my pro license my training and riding habits are different I'm tying to better my skills, and things that I'm not good at. My trainer Dave preaches this quote to me " You practice your skills, to show them off on race day"! He's a motivational speaker. If I had a tape I'd listen to it all the time! I'm 20 years old and people still ask me if my parents still support my racing, and I always say yes because they put in 110% and if i didn't do the same then they wouldn't. Kids my age are doing alot worse things and I choose to race because its my passion, and I love everything about it! All the people that I've met through racing are life long friends! You Definitely meet the nicest people weather you're parked next to them in the pits are just walking around the track! So ending this again I want to say thank you to everyone for helping me out, and supporting my racing and keeping in touch with how things are going with everything!



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