Thursday, July 2, 2009

busy busy busy

Hi Everyone!

Well alot has happened since I've left California, I've been traveling the country side! Since I've taken on the role to do all of the eight races of the WMA/AMA series my weekends have been flying by. I go from one state to another within a few days and get to see so many new people and watch alot of good racing with the men's classes.

Racing in the women's class isn't an easy task. Its tough all the way from last place all the way up to first. its a dog fight all the way to the finish! I train to prepare myself for strength it takes to muscle my bike around in the hot heat. I wouldn't change anything though I've loved every minute of it through my tears and all the laughter and joy of doing well. Its part of what you sign up for in the pro ranks.

As the first race approached in San Bernadino i felt that i was very capable of doing well. Come to find out the track was rough as ever and the competition was stacked. I fought for my finishes. being very disappointed makes you grit your teeth and buckle down the next week to fix your mistakes and build confidence. For me that obviously wasn't the case. I worked my but off all the way up to the day I left to head north, and it still didn't pay off. I physced myself out before the race even started. and that just adds more disappointment for myself on the way home and for after the race.

On my two day drive through the desert to Texas i had alot of time to think and to prepare myself for the weekend to come in the hot hot heat of Texas! I've been told my a few individuals that the previous year at this race a few riders had almost died because of the heat and getting dehydrated. I took it upon myself to drink drink drink, and drink some more! I wasn't ready to get so dehydrated that i would need to have an IV inserted into my vein. Once we pulled into the gate it was blazing hot, but i loved every minute of it! The track played in my favor and it was my style and my element! sand and rough ruts and high speed. I had good starts all weekend and it was just nice to finally do well and have my dad there to help me out! I missed having my dad with me to make sure everything was taken care of.

I'll Keep Everyone on my journey, but until next time be safe!


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