Monday, August 31, 2009

to the east coast and back again!

Hello Everyone-

Well with one more national to go last weekends race in Massachusetts didn't go as planned. It had rained all night Friday and all day Saturday so needless to say the track was a bit muddy. With MX Sports cutting everyone to one practice to save the track was a blessing in disguise because without that the track would have been brutal, more so than it was in our last moto.

With the women getting a 20 min. practice 5 minutes of it was free to check out the track and see the layout. Since i had raced there last year the track was practically the same, so i just went out and layed down some fast lap times hoping to get a good gate pick. after they had dropped the green flag to start timed practice i had to pull my goggles off because it was so rainy water had gotten between my tear offs and i couldn't see a thing so i had nothing to do but take them off and run the last 15 mins of my practice goggle less. after the practice had ended my face just covered in dirt and eyes pack full as well i pulled off the track with 11Th fastest lap time so i was pretty happy with that. I would have good gate picks both motos so things would ended up in my favor.

After the start of our first moto i had a few mishaps in the second corner but after that i just hammered down and layed down some good laps and battled with a few girls during the moto. half way through the moto i ended up having to pull my googles off again and ride 4 or 5 laps without them dodging roost from the girls ahead of me. but after the checkered flag had came out i pulled off the track in 11Th which wasn't bad at all. I was happy with how i rode and if i hadn't had to deal with my googles i believe i would have been inside the top ten.

Between the three hour wait till our second moto i found myself wandering around amisley to try and keep my body warm and see what i could find down on vendors row. before too long i had to start putting my gear on and start heading down to staging to get in line for our moto. after the gate had dropped the moto was just a mess. the track was terribly rough and girls just dropping like flies. On the first lap a girl fell in this rutted uphill and fell right in front of my bike and i had nowhere to go but hit the girl and i wound up on the ground and the girl stuck under my bike with nowhere to go. so i just picked my bike up and got her from under it and got going again. After that it was downhill from there i crashed a few more times and just a broken heart and pride for sure. i was just so upset with how i rode before i got off the track i had tears balling up in my eyes. This wasn't how the weekend was supposed to go. This was my some what home track i wanted to do well here and show the industry i can ride in the top ten where i belong. . I ended the weekend with a 17Th overall which wasn't that bad but i was hoping for alot better results.

Now we're on our way to our friends house in Indiana to practice for a few days so hopefully i have a few good days of practice before steel city this weekend!

Keep Checking back for updates! Thanks for all the support! :)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On The Road Again!

Hi Everyone-

The time has come and I'm hitting the road running again. My parents and I will be making the 15 hour journey to Southwick,Massachusetts for the last two races of the Women's Pro Series. I'm really excited and can't wait to leave. Alot has happened in the last few weeks and now I'm just ready to leave and get the the track! I raced this track last year and did pretty well despite a few crashes so I'm hoping for good things this weekend! I just wanted to keep everyone updated and to be sure and watch the race online @ I'll be updating all the way on my journey so please keep checking back!


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Down Time..

Hello Everyone-

It's been a little over a month since my last post so I thought I would drop by and fill everyone in on how the rest of my season has been going and whats in store for the next few weeks. Since my last race in Washougal,Washington I've had about a month off so its been really nice to just play ride and mess around at home. I don't have too many girlfriends at home to hang out with so I just spend time with my family. The past few weeks I've been doing some PR work and trying to get my name out there and inform people on whats been going on with my season so far. The Herald Times in Gaylord featured an article about me on the front page of the sports section. This next week The Weekly Express featured an article about me as well so I'm creating the buzz and everyone locally loves to hear about it. I see people telling me how proud they are and how great I've been doing and to keep up the good work. It keeps me motivated to do more and keep going and work on the the things i struggle with at the track. This is my JOB and like any other pro you have to work at it to become better!

In a few weeks my last two nationals are approaching and I'm hoping for a good showing! I've raced these tracks last year so I'm kind of excited to see how things go! This year both of my parents are coming with me so I'm excited my mom will be there to share and experience everything! For the last race my whole family is coming like it seems. a lot of my friends and family are going so its going to be good to share it with them as well.

As far as the last few races that I've been doing, I traveled to Lakewood,Colorado and Washougal ,Washington they both pretty much ended the same or had the same problems! I've been dealing with bike problems and just not getting a good start. For me not getting a good start just puts a bad attitude in my head and it just makes the whole moto hell for me to pick my way through the pack to finish in the mid pack. I would like to get a good start and be up where i belong up front. so lets just hope for a good showing at these last few rounds! hoping for top ten!!

well I'll be updating this more frequently because i got yelled at for not doing it sooo.. please keep checking back! :)