Saturday, May 9, 2009

California Life!

Hello Everyone-
So I've been out in California for about two weeks now, and i'm loving it! I've been riding alot at a few tracks around here, and its all great experience. Riding out here is really different. The tracks here are nothing like back in Michigan! My first day of riding at Glen Helen was so scary! I've never been that nervous to ride at a track before! A week later i raced a GP race at Glen Helen as well. The track was about 5 miles long and it was a 45 min moto. it was definitley different from any race i've ever did. so it was all more track time for my first race on the 23rd.

Everytime i've rode at glen helen i just get more confortable so i think my race day i should be ready! Its hard for me to post things on here seeing that i don't have a computer but thankfully my trainer lets me use his! So hopefully i'll be able to post on here often but who knows. I just want to thank everyone for checking on here and supporting my racing!

Keep Checking Back!

Danielle 73

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